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What is Project Connect?

Project Connect is spider web of connections among many and various parts of the church in the East—seminaries, colleges, camps, campus ministries, pastors, lay leaders, congregations, social ministry organizations, volunteer organizations like Lutheran Volunteer Corps and Lutheran Student Movement, and, particularly, young adults—that will work together toward a single, remarkably important goal: to involve young adults in programs and projects and retreats and discussions about how God is calling them to build a life. What is Project Connect

To put it more formally, Project Connect will engage this network of partners in the God-given task of providing programs of vocational discernment for college-age adults that have theological integrity—in other words, that take our understanding of who God is and what God calls us to be and do seriously.

These programs will be offered through three distinct but connected approaches: Identify, Nurture and Sustain. Identify programs will include various discernment events, college courses about vocation, and a variety of opportunities for people in the network to identify young adults who might be interested in this project.

Nurture programs focus on deepening the discernment by making connections with outdoor ministry programs, with colleges and campus ministries, with Lutheran Volunteer Corps, with seminaries.

Sustain programs will dig deeper still by offering opportunities for immersion experiences in congregational settings and mini-grants that will explore fresh ideas in congregational ministry.

We hope that this project will enable many young adults to discern a call to public ministry in the church and equip them with a deeper understanding of themselves, the church and the world. But, more than that, we trust that by engaging in these programs we all will be changed, that the church will be challenged and enriched, and that we will all stay connected for the sake of the Gospel.

July 19-22 Northeast Regional Youth Gathering, West Chester University, PA
Aug 31 - Sept 2 Discernment retreat for summer staff at ELCA Camps in Regions 7, 8, and 9.
Sept 14-16 Multicultural Discernment Retreat (Page One, Page Two)
Sept 24-25 Discernment Advocate Debriefing - LTSS  
Sept 25-28 Orientation for 07/08 Discernment Advocates, LTSS 
Oct 12-14 Discernment Retreat for Region 7 at Bear Creek Camp

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Camp Staff Retreat
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