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Project Connect...For Young Adults and Students

Students Even when it comes to those who might be church leaders, people look for easy answers. They are hoping we have something like "ten easy steps to discerning one's call," a litmus test or perhaps a formula into which one can plug the urgings in one's gut, multiply it by one's age and financial status, divide by church experience, add in gifts and life experience and discover what one's true calling in life is. No such luck. Instead we are trusted with the gifts of life and faith and called out by the power of the Holy Spirit to serve. But how?

For starters, there is a myth afloat. The myth goes something like this. 'There is one thing in this life that you were born/destined to do. It is your quest to discover it and to do it. And when you do, you will find a sense of deep meaning and fulfillment and all the messy pieces of your life will fall into place." This is overstating the case, but what is important to realize is that there isn't one right answer. God has not limited God's work to each person's "one, true calling." God has not made God's on-going work of salvation through the Body of Christ dependant upon our properly discerning our calls. God is at work in us in every facet of our lives. God is at work along the way and in the in between. God is at work when we flat out run the other direction. Rest in that knowledge, even as you wrestle with your own calling.

Young adultsWe could just leave things at that and be content that God will accomplish salvation in and through faithful service of whatever breed. Or could we? But it would be the rare person who is discerning because she/he thought it might be a nice thing to try. Most people discern because they experience dis-ease in their gut, anxiety, restlessness, a feeling that something isn't quite right, a sense that there is something missing. Which is exactly why so many of us are eager for ten easy steps, a litmus test or a formula. We are uncomfortable, disturbed, disquieted and anxious for some peace.

Young AdultsSo while there are not simple solutions to the disquiet within us, we are not without tools. Among the tools at our disposal are worship, prayer, scripture reading, service and conversation. And chief among these tools is the gift of the Christian community that surrounds us. That's what Connect is all about. Connect is a series of programs, but more than that, it is a series of relationships. Connect programs surround you with mentors and peers who will help you discern God's call in your life, that will help you discover the ways you can learn and lead, discover the ways you can reflect God's call for someone else. Take a look at the programs and get involved.

Because the world needs gifted, strong, faithful leaders who have a passion for serving. Because there is a world full of people out there who desperately need to experience the gracious love of God in their lives. Because you are called.


July 19-22 Northeast Regional Youth Gathering, West Chester University, PA
Aug 31 - Sept 2 Discernment retreat for summer staff at ELCA Camps in Regions 7, 8, and 9.
Sept 14-16 Multicultural Discernment Retreat (Page One, Page Two)
Sept 24-25 Discernment Advocate Debriefing - LTSS  
Sept 25-28 Orientation for 07/08 Discernment Advocates, LTSS 
Oct 12-14 Discernment Retreat for Region 7 at Bear Creek Camp

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Camp Staff Retreat
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